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“Could I be you?” Karen’s Struggle with HIV-Negative AIDS

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I have Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFS/CFIDS/ME) and HIV-NEGATIVE AIDS, idiopathic CD lymphocytopenia. With these two clinical diagnoses, I believe that makes me living proof that the AIDS-like CFS/ME is transmissible, something that the medical establishment seems unable to admit or to acknowledge. I also believe it makes me living proof that CFS and HIV NEGATIVE AIDS are basically the same mysterious immune disorder.

Three years ago, after a heterosexual sexual encounter, I became seriously ill with what looks like the natural disease progression of AIDS. After an “acute infection” and a “period of asymptomatic health”, I have fallen extremely ill to an unrelenting, progressively-worsening AIDS-like demise. I can pinpoint exactly when I was infected with my “chronic viral syndrome of unknown etiology” and because the “acute infection” stage was so distinguishable, I can also pinpoint exactly when my undiagnosed pathogen left my body and infected yet another host.

Whatever I am currently dealing with, it strongly resembles classic textbook HIV/AIDS disease. But, to add to my inquiry, I also clinically satisfy the CDC’s criteria for the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Increasingly, I have become concerned that my systemic diagnosis is caught up in the treacherous politics of CFS/ME and AIDS. Most people with CFS/ME do not like to talk about the many symptoms and immune abnormalities that they share with AIDS patients. I also suspect that most ailing patients would rather be told that they have the very mysterious CFS than to be told that they have AIDS. I have a Master’s degree. I am a director at my firm. I used to be a triathlete. I have never used IV drugs. I have never traveled abroad. I can count my sexual partners on two hands. Statistically speaking, I know that my undiagnosed infectious and communicable disease is not rare…so, you tell me, if they are not in the miscellaneous CFS/ME category, where are all these other immunosuppressed people?

Anyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, who does not consider the possibility that CFS/ME will eventually progress to a NON-HIV AIDS diagnosis, is very well trumping their own ability to diagnosis the root cause of their illness.

Why isn’t CFS/ME a reportable disease overseen by our public health department? Why are ME and CFS (i.e., the same exact disorder) suspiciously categorized as two separate illnesses on a worldwide level (i.e., by ICD codes)? Doesn’t anyone else but me, very clearly see, the catastrophic cover-up going on here?

Why are we not reading about Non-HIV AIDS cases (and/or the AIDS-like nature of CFS) on the front pages of every newspaper in the world? And if CFS/ME is Non-HIV AIDS, then, depending on who you believe, there are anywhere between 500,000 – 14,000,000 Americans out there with a transmissible illness. If that is what it truly is, our new form of AIDS dwarfs the ‘original’ AIDS epidemic — tenfold!

I want honest answers for myself, for everyone who is suffering from this hideous illness, and especially for those who remain uninfected by my undiagnosed infectious and communicable disease.

As worrisome as my health is to me, I am extremely troubled by the strong likelihood that more people are being infected every minute that Non-HIV AIDS cases (like mine) are allowed to go undetected – especially if it turns out that AIDS and CFIDS/ME are basically the same disorder. You can label my AIDS-like illness whatever you wish. I would even allow you to call it infectious – CFS, even though it is utterly beyond my realm of comprehension as to how the medical establishment can generically name an entire disease paradigm based on just one (of my numerous) symptom(s).

Regardless of how politics may try to dissuade or delude you, all you need to know is that my idiopathic immune dysfunction is infectious! It is contagious! And it is spreading, unleashed, in the world’s population!

I am not afraid to say that I have AIDS without HIV — idiopathic CD lymphocytopenia — my second official clinical diagnosis. I am equally as unafraid of saying the most obvious thing about CFS/ME: it sure does look like AIDS to me.

We talk openly about preparing for an impending Avian Flu pandemic. Why not talk about the HIV NEGATIVE AIDS epidemic that already exists (and is spreading) amongst us?

If it takes courage to think and to say the things that I do, I hope that there will be a miraculous outbreak of bravery from coast-to-coast. I stopped fighting for myself a long, long time ago. I fight for humanity.

I demand a CFS/ HIV revolution. Vive la revolucion.

To learn more about non-HIV AIDS, and to see the *new* face of AIDS, please visit: CFS Straight Talk.

Could I be you?


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7 thoughts on ““Could I be you?” Karen’s Struggle with HIV-Negative AIDS”

  1. AIDANGWALSH says:

    ‘internal ionisation radiation injuries’ broken cromosones/translocations…It’s called radiation sickness identical to Chernobyl victims…

  2. joedaddy19@yahoo.com says:

    Are you serious. It some sort of aids. I have fibro and now cfs has started to kick in. I am so tired of this. I can’t do aanything no more. Whats the deal with these dr. The scientists need to get on this. It is really killing me and i can feel it bad. I can tell you all my symptoms, but you know them already if you have it as bad as i do. Something really need to be done. I can go on and on abouthow mine happend. And it was not sex related. I pray for all that have this horrible crap that people are just beginning to open there eyes about.the past 4 years have been rough for me and it effects all that family . Any ways. Negative hiv. First i have heard about it. I see my dr soon many questions. O- boy. Thanks for your time. Take care bee safe. Joe1

  3. OldSalt says:

    I thought is was obvious that it is LYME with the co-infections.
    Congenital and then the load is increased with more exposure to different “co-infections”, to erode the immune system over time.
    This is not that difficult to comprehend, even if you are compromised. RP

  4. gandyr2.1@juno.com says:

    Dear Karen…I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue about 2.5 years ago and have been mainly bedridden after coming down with the swine flu…exactly two years this week. Seems like that was the final blow to my immune system. Anyway, after much research I came to understand that my issues were from a tick bite that I had gotten in the spring of 2012. Long story short…my problems are from Lyme disease and they are learning now that it can be transmitted sexually. Seems like Lyme and a lot of other plagues for mankind have been recombined at Plum Island for gain and loss of useless eaters. They “treat” us with their poisons till we die. A good read is Lab 257. A lot of the chronic illnesses have similar symptoms because they use the same mix…if it works…why change the recipe? I think the recombined flu is just sent around yearly to hurry the process along a little…

  5. Sohan says:

    Dear Karen,

    I am one of thousands of Chinese patient who are suffering HIV-Negative AIDS. In my country we are often be diagnosed as AIDS phobia. But it is really a highly contagious disease, I do not understand why the world is supressing the news for years…..Can you contact me? My email Justinshsohan(at)hotmail(dot)com. We really need a friend abroad.

  6. Casperoo says:

    I had a tick bite last April 2015, bullseye rash, undiagnosed /unrecognised by doctors or myself at the time, after severe neurological problems looked to Internet..Lyme disease. Had Lyme disease blood tests, elisa positive, then uti and antibiotics then western blot negative (due to antibiotics) according to our national health service I don’t have Lyme disease. I do, I still have symptoms and those of co infections, not tested for by infectious diseases. No tests, no treatment, doctor (non llmd) was extremely happy to diagnose me with fybromyalgia and folliculitis (aka Lyme and Bartonella) fybromyalgia is not a diagnosis merely a collection of symptoms) the treatment for fibro is Painkillers and stomach liners. I will fundraise for a private test to prove my Lyme and skin biopsy for bartonella. I will still not receive treatment as the UK health service will refuse the results. I will battle to the very end. Please do not let doctors fob you off xxx

  7. mrpianoman says:

    I recovered from CFS after having it for about 15 years. Mine was mild to moderate symptoms during this time and not much pain but it was CFS. I had brain fog, fatigue, muscle twitching, itching and red histamine production on my skin, sometime pain, inability to concntrate etc. Thyroid and everything was ok. Then after 15 years I spontaneously recovered and i have no fatigue or other symptoms. Now I am ruling out HIV infection after a possible exposure as I hvave had some symptoms and my GF has too. But my test at 9 weeks antibody 4th generation combo test is negative. I read that one case of negative HIV antibody resulted in progression to AIDS but I do not have AIDS just my groin stings now and then and I itch now and then over my body for the last few weeks now. No fever or swollen glands or rash though. Therefore, you either have antibodies to HIV which are found by testing or you have HIV Negative AIDS which means you will get a serious infection like pneumonia like the man in this paper who had HIV negative but RNA PCR positive HIV infection did. As i don’t have this, then I can’t have HIV negative but RNA positive AIDS. I would think the same for you too OP.

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