Dec 3 on the Oz Show – Dr. Donnica Moore & XMRV

On Thursday, Dec 3, Dr. Mehmet Oz’s television show will address the question “Do you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?” And suggests he will help viewers “Learn if a retrovirus could be the reason you’re exhausted.” A more important question for patients is: “Will Dr. Oz support better understanding of CFS & XMRV?”

On the plus side, reportedly one of the featured guests on the segment will be respected women’s health expert Dr. Donnica Moore, whose son and husband have CFS.

On the other hand, patients have expressed concern about Dr. Oz’s grasp of ME/CFS, based on a promo video where one of the anchors jokes that she must have XMRV because she’s fatigued. See

Regardless of the direction the segment actually takes, ME/CFS advocates & patients can post comments on the segment and read others’ comments, at

Times & Stations: For a state-by-state listing of local Dr. Oz Show times & stations,
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2 thoughts on “Dec 3 on the Oz Show – Dr. Donnica Moore & XMRV”

  1. hidlyn says:

    Just a quick correction – Dr. Donnica has a son with CFS AND a husband with CFS.

  2. grannycfs says:

    Many of us missed the program. Will you be able to provide us with a transcript of what was said?


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