Fibromyalgia, cognitive problems and independence: Physical activity may be useful in home health care

Journal: Home Health Care Services Quarterly. 2007;26(1):19-28.

Author and affiliation: Karper WB. School of Health and Human Performance, Greensboro, North Carolina, [E-mail: ]

PMID: 17387049

Home health care providers often deal with older clients who have cognitive deficits. Cognitive problems have a negative impact on independence.

Certain chronic pain conditions present with cognitive dysfunction as a co-morbidity. Fibromyalgia syndrome is one such condition.

Home health care providers need to know that mild-moderate exercise may positively affect Fibromyalgia-related cognitive deficits at very low cost.

All of the above is discussed in this paper along with advice concerning the provision of exercise for older, homebound people.

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