From Our Readers: What Worked for Me – 12-10-08

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Tried Tagamet for Shingles

We had a friend who had shingles and post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) in the groin for 6 months, and nothing the doctors gave him helped. I researched for him and found that tagamet/cimetidine has some very interesting antiviral (especially herpes family) and other properties. [Tagamet is an antihistamine that decreases stomach acid & is used mostly for acid reflux and ulcers.]

He tried it, and it was gone quite quickly for him; could tell a major difference in a couple of days, and never had it since. Steve Allen, the TV star from the 1950s-60s, went on TV even to talk about it, but since it was off-label and off-‘patent protection’, no one ever spent the money to get it FDA approved.

However there HAS been research on its success with shingles, and you can read about it at the following link, look at the studies listed, & what dosages to take:

By the way, this was after I’d had shingles myself. Mine had gone on for a week before I realized what it even was. I finally went to a ‘doc in a box’ for a diagnosis; it had actually by then crossed the midline of my body which it is not supposed to do typically. I was also scared because it was at my jawline – too close to my face, eyes, etc.!

I did start the Rx med for it but the next day went to an acupuncturist. In the couple of hours prior to my accu. appointment, the post-herpetic neuralgia started (SO painful!) and I was really feeling sick. By the end of the acupuncture app’t, no more pain, no more ‘sick’ feeling, and the lesions had visibly gone down! In fact I was out shopping an hour later. I did repeat the acupuncture 4 more sessions, and by the end you could just barely see where it had been.

So I highly recommend acupuncture as well! My experience aside, research studies have shown it’s something that can really help shingles.

Hope that helps you! – Victoria


More Help for Shingles – Try Curcumin or L-lysine

Shingles is caused by a Herpes Virus. L-lysine or turmeric (curcumin) will put Herpes Viruses in remission. One capsule three times a day does the trick for me. Turmeric works better for me, but the lysine is good too. – Elliespad


Acupuncture Helped Pain

I just want to share what has helped me get a whole lot better, in hopes that the information might help someone else. Besides consistent taking of supplements, many of which are found with this company (each person will have different needs), I found a wonderful acupuncturist.

Treatments, over the past 2 years, along with Chinese herbs, have put me in remission. Although I still have some Chronic Fatigue pain (over the years I have learned to tell the difference), and symptoms, I have not had a Fibro pain for over 6 months. I’m very happy and very grateful. I’m more and more convinced that using whatever is appropriate, from both traditional Western medicine and medicine from other cultures, can be beneficial… I wish you all health and happiness. – Terry


Diagnosis of Leaky Gut Stopped It All

Well, here’s what happened with me. I spent about 20 years dealing with CFS, ADD, IBS, anxiousness, and at times acid reflux. It came and went for many years but as time passed I reached a point where I had to deal with it all daily.

During all those years I was searching for answers as to what the ROOT of the problem might be to all this suffering. I spent mega bucks on tests, medications and natural remedies all to come up empty handed – but eventually found what I needed to get me out of this horrible situation.

I had heard about a condition called Leaky Gut and started researching it. I found out that by having a compromised gut you could end up with food intolerance which lead to inflammation in the entire body, gut and throat….creating acid reflux. I found ThinkRite system that believed in Leaky Gut and offered blood testing for food intolerance and I took their blood test.

It came out positive, finding I had several foods which I was intolerant to. I removed the offending foods and after about 6 months all of my aliments left, including my chronic fatigue syndrome (which was my worst aliment). I found that the intolerant foods were causing inflammation in my system because with a Leaky Gut whole food particles escape through your gut lining and whether it is a healthy food or not the immune system notifies the brain that a foreign invader has entered the blood stream undigested.

Even healthy foods undigested entering the bloodstream are deemed as a poison because it has not been properly prepared and broken down for the body to use it for nutrition. There is much more to be said about this condition, and the info can be found with this company, but in a nutshell… after all of these years of suffering…. the pain is gone… not sort of gone but ALL gone… and to prove that the testing was for real, all I have to do is go back and eat the foods that came up positive and the symptoms come right back within a few days.

I now feel great!…Hope this helps.


Side Effects from Artificial Sweeteners

Re: “What Is Wrong with Artificial Sweeteners?” by Dr. Scott Olson.

Have to tell you the side effect I suffer when I ingest artificial sweeteners – particularly aspartame. I suffer from migraines and the scariest one is, I lose 95% of my hearing in my left ear. I lost my hearing for almost a year (I already have 40% to 70% loss in both ears) before I made the discovery that artificial sweeteners (Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, 44 oz a day minimum) was responsible.

I was on a bit of a health kick after trying Fibro AMJ™ and Transfer Factor for the treatment of my fibromyalgia and getting major improvements. I decided to quit soda cold turkey and within 2 weeks my hearing came back. I didn’t make the connection until 2 weeks after that when I stopped to get a meal and I ordered a Diet Coke. The next day my hearing in my left ear was gone again. After trying to figure out what happened I realized it was the soda.

Luckily my hearing came back within 3 days, but now I am really careful about reading labels and not consuming artificial sweeteners. Good thing I really like water!

That was 2 years ago; I have not had a migraine since. Occasionally I will get a headache whereas before I didn’t know what it was like to NOT have a headache… – Dawn

Note: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is generic and anecdotal, and is not meant to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, condition, or disease. It is very important that you make no change in your healthcare plan or health support regimen without researching and discussing it in collaboration with your professional healthcare team.

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One thought on “From Our Readers: What Worked for Me – 12-10-08”

  1. beartow says:

    Hopefully, your experience will help other people.
    I would like to add to that — in trying to avoid a sugar-free diet I would use Aspartame as suggested by my family doctor at the time. This was years ago, and from what I remember — it was safe to use as it was three types of proteins?

    So I chewed gum with Aspartame to avoid eating sugar. Then I developed weird headaches and a weird, dry cough. Took me years to figure out it was the sugar-free gum! When I quit chewing that kind of gum the “weird” headaches and “weird” cough went away.

    Or “google” Aspartame and that will make one stop and think before you chew gum or drink soda pop with that “weird” substance in it!!

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