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#ISpeakForPain Blitz

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Your voice matters, and you can make a difference!
People making decisions that significantly affect your quality of life (federal officials, legislators and policy makers) need to hear from you. Joining #ISpeakForPain and telling your story can affect policy decisions and new areas of research. The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association and pain patient organizations were recently asked to reach out to people with pain and their families directly to ask about their experiences. 
Send your letters to Members of Congress
Sign up for an email reminder to sign the White House Petition
Save the date! On July 13th, a Thunderclap of chronic pain voices is happening, and we need YOU to be a part of it and/or help promote it. Thunderclap is a crowd-speaking platform that allows a single message to be mass-shared on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr by supporters at a specific time, so it rises above the noise of social networks. Join the Thunderclap launch here to have a live link to the petition post on your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr on July 13. The drive for 100,000 signatures on the White House Petition to support the National Pain Strategy will be launched then.
The NFMCPA launched the #ISpeakForPain blitz with simple, free ways YOU can be heard. Join the Facebook Event to stay updated and learn how to effectively advocate for yourself and other chronic pain patients in incredibly easy, accessible ways.  Make sure to use #ISpeakForPain in all of your social media posts.
The 2 goals of #ISpeakForPain are:
Ask people affected by chronic pain to share their story in letters to their U.S. Senators and Representatives.
100,000 signatures on the White House Petition supporting the National Pain Strategy (being launched July 13, 2016 – join the Thunderclap launch here).
Together, we speak for pain! #ISpeakForPain
?Day #1
Activity: Learn about the #ISpeakForPain Campaign!
Take Action! 

Day #2
Activity: Learn about the National Pain Strategy
Take Action! 

Day #3
Activity: Create your #ISpeakForPain sign and post a selfie on your social channels! Tag the NFMCPA.
Take Action! 

Day #4
Activity: Sign your support on letters to the Senate and the House asking them to support the National Pain Strategy.
Take Action! 

Day #5
Activity: Prepare for the July 13th #ISpeakForPain Twitter Flare!
Take Action! 

Day #6
Activity: Share a video of why you speak for pain with #ISpeakForPain on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or YouTube.
Take Action! 

Day #7
Activity: Get social and speak for pain on Facebook!
Take Action! 

  • Take a selfie and share on social media with #ISpeakForPain

  • Set your selfie as your profile photo! 

  • Record a video of why you speak for pain on your phone and share on social media with #ISpeakForPain

Day #8
Activity: Tell your story!
Take Action! 

Day #9
Activity: Arts and Crafts Therapy
Take Action! 

Day #10
Activity: #ISpeakForPain Round-Up
Take Action!

  • Click here to review photos, artwork, selfies, stories and posts with #ISpeakForPain. See how many voices made a difference!

  • Mark your calendars for July 13 #ISpeakForPain Twitter Flare to launch the White House petition


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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (13 votes, average: 4.55 out of 5)

One thought on “#ISpeakForPain Blitz”

  1. thesorceress says:

    Unfortunately, the email announcing the #ISpeakForPain only arrived on July 13 in the afternoon.

    My experience with fibromyalgia began more than 40 years ago. I went through the accusations of faking the pain, being a hypochondriac, being a bored housewife (I was working two jobs and commuting 140 miles round trip to work and back each day). Because I developed additional painful conditions, the fibromyalgia took a back seat. Stenosis of at least three vertebrae in my lower spine and arthritis elsewhere became a more accepted “source of pain” so the fibromyalgia has been shoved into the back of the page. The most common denominator, however of my life for the last nearly half a century has been pain. There have been times when I lost my insurance and could not get pain medication. There were times when changing physicians decided I must be over stating the pain levels. There have been government moves to make adequate pain medication difficult to get for those of us who are in constant pain. Today, I am being told by my insurance holder that I again must change “pain doctors”. To me, that means starting from square one and trying to convince yet another doctor that I have constant and severe pain. The surgery I had to correct the stenosis (3 lumbar laminectomies)did not solve the pain problem, but at least I won’t become paralyzed or so I am told.) I live with pain every day, all day and all night. I take pain medication, not for pleasure, but so that I can minimally function in a semi-normal manner. Every day, I lose just a little bit of mobility and function. Simple tasks become more painful and difficult. If the government insists on making it increasingly difficult for physicians to prescribe appropriate doses of medication for those of us in pain, it will make life very difficult for me and for others. I speak for all those of us who have lived with pain for most of our lives. We just want to be able to function every day and do those simple tasks that we need to do,like making the bed, washing dishes, cooking a meal. We are not trying to get high. We are trying to feel well.

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