Letters From Our Readers – Letter of the Week 3-28-07

This week’s Letter of the Week was written by Merida in London, UK. Merida wins a $25 gift certificate for ProHealth supplements.

Tips for Readers with Vision Problems

[This is] in reply to the lady who is having problems viewing the newsletter. I am assuming she has visual problems due to ME/CFS. I have these, and problems due to dyslexia.

I find it is helpful if the writing is colored, blue or purple being the optimal color for myself. Changing the background color may also be helpful, but may not always be possible.

Changing the type font and the size may also help. But sometimes making the font too big actually makes it worse, so experimenting for an optimal size is important.

If there is an article she is particularly interested in, then copying and pasting it into her own e-mail box, then changing the features (font, color, etc.) can make it a great deal easier to read. – Merida in London, UK.

Note: In response to requests for larger print, you may have noticed that we now offer a choice of three print sizes at the very top of the newsletter.

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One thought on “Letters From Our Readers – Letter of the Week 3-28-07”

  1. Bedge says:

    Kudos to this site for giving font size options. Others sites, however, do not always do this. This works on any site with text:

    Increase or decrease font size by hitting the Ctrl key and either the + or – key until you get a size that you like. It will not work with graphics.

    Hope this helps.

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