Novel pharmacotherapy for Fibromyalgia

Journal: Expert Opinion On Investigative Drugs. 2007 Jun;16(6):829-41.

Authors and affiliation: Wood PB, Holman AJ, Jones KD. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center – Shreveport, Department of Family Medicine, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. [E-mail: ]

PMID: 17501695

Fibromyalgia is a common disorder that is characterized by chronic widespread pain, tenderness to light palpation, fatigue and sleep disturbances. The present lack of a well-accepted model of the disorder has hampered progress towards adequate treatment.

A review of potential models to explain the pathophysiology underlying its primary symptom (i.e., chronic widespread pain) lends insight on the therapeutic potential of novel therapies. Following this, a mechanistic evaluation of those medications that are under consideration for the treatment of the disorder is offered.

Adequate treatment will be likely to involve the identification of biologic subgroups within the greater Fibromyalgia construct.

Key insights from basic research are the basis for increased optimism for effective relief among patients and clinicians.

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