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Our Mind Wants What Our Body Can’t Produce

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By Clarissa Shepherd

Most of us are all too familiar with this concept. Even if we've been sick for years, as I have, it doesn't stop us from wanting to do the things we used to do, in the way we used to do them. The desire is still with us.

We live with an active mind which still thinks of all the places we'd like to go and what we'd like to do. Then along with this, we'd like to be able to make the decision to clean our home, do some redecorating, etc. – just because we want to do so. Such things used to be so simple for us.

We hear of family and friends taking trips, going out to eat, to a movie, etc. and we feel left behind. It's a very difficult and isolating place to be. Our body becomes the decision maker for what we are now able to do.

In addition to missing out, we face dealing with the people around us, who see us and think that we look fine. Looking fine and being fine are two totally different things. We certainly don't enjoy the fact that we can't be social or have an active life.

We don't want pity or sympathy but understanding and compassion. Some people don't seem to know the difference between these two states of being.

We become creative in finding new, less energy-requiring things to entertain us. Drawing, coloring, doing puzzles. etc. – while challenging for us – can become a nice hobby to brighten our day.

Having our mind wander to distant places where our body will not take us is a huge source of sorrow for those of us living with a chronic, debilitating illness. Finding a happy medium between body and mind becomes a huge challenge. Living as we do creates anxiety, fear, lack of confidence and more.

Know you are wonderful, cherished, cared for human beings traveling a very slippery and overwhelming path. Hold to this truth of who you truly are – warrior of a unique kind, going out to battle an unseen monster each and every day. A survivor heart, mind, body, and spirit.

One of my own quotes is, "Fear does not mean you're without courage, for courage is the act of moving forward through your fear."

Clarissa Shepherd is founder of the uplifting Fellow Travelers: Support and Chat (ME/CFS/FM) online Facebook support group and author of the book of natural healing: Find Your Way: A Guide to Healing While Living With Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (48 votes, average: 4.65 out of 5)

5 thoughts on “Our Mind Wants What Our Body Can’t Produce”

  1. Danesh says:

    Thanks for this soothing and affirming message. So right on target. Thankful to be a part of your FB group, it makes a big difference!! Denise B

  2. ClarissaShepherd says:

    So glad to have you and blessed to know you’re finding new ways to help you through your illness. Our group is the best.

  3. shianne7 says:

    Hello, This article could not be any clearer about my life. It is so devastating that most do not understand our fight. We are healthy one minute and the next crippled by illness. Where is the compassion for mankind??? Few and far between in this society. I’ve experienced first hand how most Doctors and nurses treat a very ill person. I have had no help from Doctors to find out what makes me so debilitated. I’m not sure if it’s due to insurance guidelines or what. But, I know I have been treated like a nobody with no concern for my health. Almost as if I’m making this up and want to pay all this money to be disrespected and humiliated. At least, rule things out besides taking my blood for simple test every time I drag myself there. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are names they gave me. On what grounds have I been diagnosed???? NONE !!!! We could have a life threatening disease and slowly dying all these years. I am disgusted with the way the medical industry works. I personally know the only way to be healed of this disease is through our redeemer. If only, we can believe. Some people offering help to us if only, we pay this or that, should be ashamed. If they truly knew the price we pay everyday, they would give us this information free!!! Thank you Clarissa for giving a voice and encouraging me to keep fighting another day. Sincerely,Sonja

    1. GeminiMoon says:

      I found 2 good doctors: an Immunologist and a Rheumatologist. My Immunologist treats me with anti-virals that I take only if I feel the Epstein Barr virus kick up. And my Rheumatologist helps me with pain. We all discuss lifestyle and supplements that I can take. It is a great team and it works. Hoping you can find something similar!

  4. shianne7 says:

    Hello Again, Just want to add a comment following my post. I’m sure there are Doctors and Nurses with compassion. Personally, I haven’t met one yet. Thanks to the ones out there that give all they have to others in need. I’m sure their out there somewhere. Hopefully, one day I will run into one in Lakeland, Florida.

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