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Problems with myofascial pain syndrome & fibromyalgia (FM) syndrome

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MCM: FM and MPS are “fashionable”. FM has ascended to a legal entity

which is milked as a cash cow by certain rheumatologists and

attorneys, particularly “post-traumatic FM”… a physiatrist

has gotten into the game… There is no gold standard…

garbage in, garbage out… junk science … pseudoscience …

It is virtually taboo to insinuate that psychiatry may play a

role. FS pts seem to amplify their disability and pain

complaints… High costs to insurers, in the U.S cost to

taxpayers is $8 billion, 11% of Norwegian females (most

frequent single diagnosis as a reason for disability).

Near-collapse of Australia’s disability system due to FM

costs. Possibility of “Internet iatrogenesis” afflicting

“technopatients”, “subcultures of hypochondriacs”, “goofy

illness attributions”, patient groups hectoring the CDC.

Responsibility lies with rheumatologists (!) to improve a

deteriorating situation, discouraging illness behavior and

treating depression, encouraging work. Neurologists should

not reify FS, but instead stick to “neutral” term such as

“aches and pains”, chronic pain S, somatoform pain disorder,

pain amplification S, somatic dysthymia, hypervigilance S,

affective spectrum disorder, and “diffuse suffering”. [ouch!]

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (122 votes, average: 2.95 out of 5)

One thought on “Problems with myofascial pain syndrome & fibromyalgia (FM) syndrome”

  1. dwink says:

    My subject should be,”problems with doctors and health care workers that don’t seem to understand that the pain and other symptoms of Fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome is very real”. Some people may think it fashionable to have this diagnosis, but if they really have it and experience the symptoms on a daily basis like I and many others like me do, they would not say it was mental or all in our head. They would be begging someone to help them. I have suffered with FM/CFS and MPS for 21 years. I suffer daily with poor sleep, debilitating pain all over my body, tight very painful muscles, tendons and trigger points that are unrelenting. And sleep for me is a luxury. I don’t think it is fair to say that people with FM and MPS are “amplifying” their pain and disability in order to collect SSDI. I would not wish this terrible FM/MPS/CFS on my worst enemy. No one who has not experienced the pain and terrible fatigue and just plain rotten feeling that this causes can say they know how I feel, because they don’t. They have never had this pain, or this much trouble sleeping, or feeling so exhuasted you can’t put one foot in front of the other to walk from one room to another. The memory problems, concentration and cognitive problems are very embarrassing at times, besides being so frustrating and stressful for the person with FM. It makes me furious and sad that so many of us have doctors that don’t seem to understand. Maybe they don’t want to understand or think FM/MPS/CFS is false or to complicated and difficult to treat, they just don’t care to be bothered with it. When we get to a point where we can’t work we deserve SSDI just as much as the next person with any other chronic pain (syndrome). Thank-you!


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