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Research notebooks reportedly returned to Whittemore Peterson

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On Tuesday, Nov 29, a press release reported on the Silicon Valley’s MercuryNews.com site stated, “The director of a Nevada research institute in a legal battle with a top scientist studying chronic fatigue syndrome says missing research notebooks at the center of the dispute have been returned and a civil lawsuit may soon be settled.” Reportedly, 18 research notebooks were turned over to police in Ventura, CA. See “Missing notes returned in Reno research lawsuit.”

However, the MercuryNews statement was not correct in suggesting the WPI may dismiss the civil suit, according to a Science magazine report, also posted Nov 29, which quotes an alleged statement by WPI President Annette Whittemore to the effect that “The damage to the Whittemore Peterson Institute is substantial and recent news coverage indicating that WPI may dismiss its civil case against Dr. Judy Mikovits is incorrect.”

For background on the story up to this point, see “Dr. Judy Mikovits arrested Friday, Nov 18.”

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One thought on “Research notebooks reportedly returned to Whittemore Peterson”

  1. skeptik2 says:

    I saw a correction to this story, by Annette Whittemore, who said, (paraphrased) that no, the story reported it wrong, that the civil and criminal cases would continue. Maybe someone has verification of that?


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