Researcher Seeking CFS-Affected Family Interviews in Chicago

I am a DePaul nurse researcher seeking Chicago area families in which an adult has CFS. The study particulars are as follows:

Families Affected By Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
A Research Study

A caring, experienced, knowledgeable nurse-researcher wants to talk to people with CFS and their families about how CFS has affected the family. If you are an adult who has been diagnosed with CFS, are in a family, and have a teenage or older child or children living in the home, Dr. Julie Donalek would like to talk to you about her research.

Julie is a nursing faculty member at DePaul University and has worked with people with CFS and their families as part of the DePaul CFS research team. Participants will receive payment for participation.

Please call:
Dr. Julie Donalek
DePaul University Department of Nursing

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