Selenium & magnesium status in fibromyalgia (FM)

Muscle pain has been associated with magnesium (Mg) and selenium

(Se) deficiency: magnesium and selenium status were

investigated in fibromyalgia (FM). Erythrocyte (E), leucocyte

(L) and serum (S) magnesium, serum selenium and zinc, and

vitamin B1, B2, A or E status were assessed in 22 patients

with fibromyalgia and in 23 age-matched healthy controls. LMg

is significantly increased (P < 0.05) and EMg slightly
decreased in fibromyalgia. These magnesium abnormalities are

associated with previously-reported impairment of thiamin

metabolism. Antioxidant status (as well as plasma

malondialdehyde) is unchanged in fibromyalgia and serum

selenium levels, slightly but not significantly correlated

with serum magnesium, is normal.

Eisinger J, Plantamura A, Marie PA, Ayavou T

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