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The Health Council of the Netherlands’ advice ‘A closer look at Lyme disease’.

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When diagnosed at an early stage,
Lyme disease responds well to treatment with antibiotics. However, the picture becomes more complex in patients whose symptoms are not particularly clear, in patients with later stage
disease and in patients who experience persistent symptoms whose cause cannot clearly be linked to
Lyme disease. Diagnosis and treatment of the condition are debated, not only between patients and physicians but also among professional groups. The Health Council of the Netherlands drew up the advisory report ‘A closer look at
Lyme disease‘ at the request of the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament. The immediate reason for this request was a citizens’ initiative by the Dutch Association for
Lyme Patients. The Council formulated its recommendations with a view to helping physicians and patients to reach common viewpoints. It enlisted a broad-based committee of experts to harness the best available knowledge and use the experience of all those involved.

Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd. 2013;157(29):A6613. Comment; English Abstract

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