The ocular signs & symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

BACKGROUND: Chronic Fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a relatively newly

defined clinical entity that affects multiple systems

including the ocular system. These effects have not been well


METHODS: 25 consecutive CFS patients were

evaluated and the ocular signs and symptoms were described.

RESULTS: Significant ocular symptoms were present in all 25

patients. The most common clinical findings were abnormalities

of the preocular tear film and ocular surface (19 patients)

and reduced accommodation for age (18 patients).


CFS affects the ocular system in many ways. Eye care

practitioners should pay particular attention to accommodative

needs, ocular surface disease and tear film dysfunction when

examining these patients. Further research into the

pathophysiology of these ocular findings may lead to a better

understanding of the pathophysiology of CFS.

MCM: A flawed article but showed rose bengal corneal staining

mod-severe in 26 of 50 eyes, ll/15 had “lower than minimal”

accomodation, most eyes (31/?44) had abnormal Schirmer.Of 25

pts, 9 complained of dryness, 8 of scratchiness, 4 of


Caffery BE, Josephson JE, Samek MJ

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