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Consumption of flavonoids confers protective effects against the development of several chronic diseases, according to the results of a recent study. A team of researchers in Finland studied the association between flavonoid intake and the risk of developing chronic diseases in 10,054 Finnish men and women. The subjects' total flavonoid intake prior to a baseline examination was determined via dietary histories, which were gathered from questionnaires and interviews. The subjects' intake amounts were determined based on the flavonoid concentrations in Finnish foods. These data were then correlated with information on cases of diseases extracted from Finnish public health registers. Study findings revealed that:
-Subjects who consumed more quercetin had a lower risk of dying from ischemic cardiovasular disease.
-Cerebrovascular disease risk was reduced in subjects who consumed kaempferol, naringenin, and hesperetin.
-Men who had higher intake of myicetin had a lower risk of developing prostate cancer.
-Men with higher quercetin intake had a lower incidence of lung cancer.
-Asthma incidence was reduced among subjects who consumed more quercetin, naringenin, and hesperatin.
-Higher intakes of quercetin and myricetin produced a trend toward a lower risk of developing type-2 diabetes. (Source: Alternative & Complementary Therapies, Vol. 8, No. 6, December 2002)

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