Tip of the Day

If you are bedridden with CFS, here are a few helpful tips from CFS patient Trixie Whitmore. “If you are forced to stay in bed for long periods, do gentle exercises by rotating your feet and wriggling your toes. Do the same with the arms, hands and fingers, so that the muscles do not become weak. Contraction and relaxation of each part of the body for about five seconds is of great assistance also. Roll over in bed a couple of times and loosen up your head and neck.

Depending on your level of fatigue, do some or all of these exercises a few times per day. It is important not to let the muscles waste too much. If a gentle, hand massage can be arranged, it is very soothing and will help maintain muscle tone.”

(Source: Toxic Chemical-Free Living and Recovering from ME/CFS, by Trixie Whitmore)

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