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VIDEO: Fibromyalgia in Pictures

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This video – Fibromyalgia in Pictures by Mrs. Fibro, the Fibromyalgia Vlog – by Karen Benton is a humorous pictorial of what having fibromyalgia feels like.

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4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Fibromyalgia in Pictures”

  1. sarahsmith says:

    My husband has muscular dystrophy and his mobility has deteriorated. I feel like I’m in a contest with him as to who is “sicker”. It’s the old “you don’t look sick so you must not be too bad”. He is not a Facebook user though I do point out posts on fibromyalgia often. He used to “get it” but as his condition has gotten worse, mine has become nonexistent.

  2. ashton12 says:

    Realistic! Sounded like you were describing me.

  3. suffnsilfibro says:

    i can truly relate to every vignette in that video! My home used to be spotless but now I can’t stay awake. My sleep is so restless and painful at night. I put everything off until tomorrow praying I have the energy and it all piles up. I don’t live near family….not that they would understand….so I stay inside most days and sleep or curled in a ball because I hurt from head to toe. I come out only if I have an appointment. I recently opened up to a neighbor so she or her daughter have started checking in on me.

    I spent 30 years in the military and suffered in silence in uniform for the last 10 years. I kept pushing and working out until I hit a brick wall and just couldn’t go anymore. Now that I’ve retired, I live like a hermit…not how I envisioned life.

    Thanks for sharing and allowing me to share.

  4. renocrystal says:

    I thought I had fibromyalgia for 3 years. Had all the classic symptoms. Then found out I had adhesions and once they were removed the pain was still terrible. I still get the extreme fatigue. The kind where sleeping 16 hours isn’t enough. Healthy eating helps a lot. And so does working out. Even if it is only a walk because the pain is too bad.

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