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Ultimate greens

I have tried other vegetable powdered products. They do not have all of the ingredients that ultimate greens does. And most of them do not taste very good. I have used this product for over 20 years in the morning in my kombucha. This gives me my morning veggies to start the day.

Feel Good, More Energy

I have taken this NMN supplement for four months. So far so good, feel more energetic than before

MNM Pro Powder

I have been taking MNM for about 3 months now and have experienced increase in energy and able to do more daily than usual. So far so good!

NMN --- So Far, So Good

After at least two-plus years of using NMN PRO, neither my husband nor I have experienced health issues, not internal in origin, not viral in origin. Of course, the latter is, at least in part, attributable to our diligent limiting of exposure, along with diligent masking. In our case, the value of NMN is measured more by the absence of problems than by the presence of dramatic improvements. I would say that this assessment is consistent with the science behind NMN (NOT my strength by any means); but, as I understand this science, NMN, by promoting sirtuin activity, enhances the immune function of cells. We will continue NMN and see what happens. (We already know what happens to 75-year-olds who do nothing.)


My daughter had been taking these for many years as recommended by her physician.

Crucial supplement

This was a lifesaver when it first came out. Before that I was having to give myself injections of a pharmacy compound of the 3 B-12s. thank you so much for this product!

Love Ultimate Greens!

Everything I need on the days that I work. As a nurse who works 12 hour shifts, ultimate greens helps me get the nutrients I need to make it through the day.

Best Resveratrol on the market

This resveratrol is purified, most are NOT. This resveratrol does not have pesticides in it, others aren't even tested for it.

Will continue to use it for sure

I am using ProHealth Longevity NMN Pro™ Powder for four months now, together with the Bulk Micronized Trans-Resveratrol (100 grams) by ProHealth Longevity. I can only report positive effects in terms of increased energy levels, whether directly when I am doing sports or indirectly in terms of less hours of sleep needed to recoup after a long day. I will continue to use it definitely.

It's worth it!

After using Bulk Micronized Trans-Resveratrol for over four months now I can only say that it met my expectations. Regarding the package and delivery, I was pleased with the speed and comfort provided by the seller. It is readily available to mix with any kind of beverage we drink during the day.

Multi Health Benefits From Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 helps with multi functions in our bodies, immune system, stronger bone, telomere and DNA repair, steroid hormone and so forth. I've been taking it for several months. I remain physically strong all the times. We definitely can live healthier and longer life with vitamin D. Highly recommend it especially for those who get little exposure to sunlight.

Supplementing TMG with NMN

Just starting out and doing some trial and error with stacking to get maximum benefits. So far so good.

Easy to use

As the title above says, can be a little messy, but simple to clean up

Sustained energetic boost

The best to rev up your mitochondria energy

Must try

I’m 39 and started taking 1 gram every morning about a year ago. My energy levels are absolutely higher & I plan to continue using indefinitely.

Guaifenesin FA™ (400 mg, 100 veggie capsules) by ProHealth


Gives me more energy and battery power to get up and do things. When I ran out, I really felt the difference! I hope one day it can be available in the UK. Ruth, UK

Ecellent suppliment

I like this product because it is more easily absorbed than the pills

Essential for my good health

I've used this for years & found it reliable for keeping my nasal passages clear.

Seems to work, high quality, flexible

Since I started taking NMN about a year ago my general energy has increased. I did not even notice the slow decline over the years, but the supplement seems to have restored loss. When I bike ride endurance is much better than a year ago. When I swim I notice fast twitch muscles have regained activity. Placebo effect? I don't think so. I like being able to measure the amount out that seems best for me based on most recent research I read.

Great quality, convienient

I like measuring my own amount and combining with fish oil since it is not water soluble. Certified ingredients are a huge factor for me. I am very healthy for my age.

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