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Longevity Researcher Tells CBS Viewers about NMN

Longevity Researcher Tells CBS Viewers about NMN

Viewers of CBS-TV affiliate KSEE in Fresno, California now know which longevity-supporting supplements the experts recommend. Appearing on “Central Valley Today,” published longevity researcher Jennifer Pearlman MD, CCFP, NCMP, FAARM, ABA, ABAARM explained why Pro Health Longevity’s Uthever NMN is on her shortlist of three must-have nutrients.

Pearlman, a functional precision medicine practitioner who runs one of the largest women’s health practices of its kind, told journalist Emily Erwin that we’re lucky to be aging in 2022 because we can harness the science by experts such as those from Harvard University to “hack our way into longevity with smart supplements.”

She explained that NMN, a derivative of vitamin B, helps boost cellular energy. And the brand you choose matters. “It’s really important that you make your decision based on science,” she cautioned, telling viewers that ProHealth Longevity’s Uthever delivers NMN “in the right dose, the right form and in the right format.”

This isn’t just a B-vitamin complex. “This is the actual product that has extensive Nobel Prize-winning research behind it out of Harvard. It has actually been shown to have longevity benefits,” she stressed. Can you get the same benefit from a generic B-complex? “Probably not.”

Pearlman concluded the interview by stressing that you probably don’t need to supplement with too many things and that your decision should be personalized. “But if there is a magic longevity potion, I would certainly say the B-Vitamin – particularly NMN –  and again Uthever stands ahead of other forms to boost cellular energy.” Added to her list are vitamin D and omega-3, as well as a healthy fat-rich diet with such foods as salmon, sardines, nuts and seeds.

“Taking a supplemental dose of those powerful nutrients –  NMN, vitamin D and omega-3 –  that would be a wonderful combination!” she exclaimed. She directed viewers to our ProHealth Longevity website so they can educate themselves about the science behind NMN. 

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