Autophagy is the cellular recycling process that we need to lead long and healthy lives

6 Things You Should Know about Autophagy

Autophagy is a recycling process that removes dysfunctional cells, increases longevity, and reduces the risk of chronic disease. Increase autophagy by intermittent fasting, high-intensity interval training, restorative sleeping, and supplementing with EGCG (from green tea),... Read more

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Pterostilbene uniquely supports energy, brain health, and more.

Top Reasons Pterostilbene Might be Right for You

The benefits of pterostilbene suggest it may be one of the most potent anti-aging nutrients on the planet. It occurs naturally in berries, especially blueberries. In the field of anti-aging, it has scientists and the... Read more

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The best supplements for men over 40 are those that address the changes in our biochemistry.

The Best Supplements for Men over 40

The best supplements for men over 40 are those that have the best chance to help counteract the inevitable biochemical and physiological changes that happen as we get older. Here, we examine supplements that might... Read more

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